About us

Enjoy your stay!

Who we are

Our family have their roots in Mani and we ourselves were born and bred here and especially at the area of Itilo.

In 2004 we decided to build a small hotel complex selecting very carefully the spot of its construction with respect to the special architectural tradition of Mani. Our towers with their characteristic emblematic and powerful presence wait for all those travellers who want to be introduced to the secrets of Mani hospitability. We did not choose the name Akrolithi* by accident, but because our visitors feel that they are on the edge between the sky and the sea on the western side of Itilo Bay. *meaning “the edge of the rock”

Enjoy our outdoor spaces

For the formation of the exterior area was used plenty of stone and the main reason was the respect to the uniqueness and the special style of the landscape. Our gardens give off a smell of sage, oregano, thyme and citrus fruit. We are greatly proud of our perennial olive trees which were transported from our ancestral estate and transplanted to our gardens

Eco Friendly

We -the Akrolithi’s Boutique Hotel family in relation to showing respect to the nature try to comply with the rules and to maintain the highest standards for making our hotel better for you. So we will happily announce to you that we are the first hotel in the area of Mani which is certified as eco-friendly by the international entity Green Key as a reward for our ecological conscience.

Traditional Breakfast

At Akrolithi we start from very early in the morning to prepare your breakfast. So the smells belch from the kitchen’s windows and they tickle your noses while the fresh-baked bread, the cheese pie, the traditional pies ‘traviktes’ -which you can find only in Mani- the milk pie.


The lushness tradition of Mani inspires our chef Kimona Fouridis who creates a unique menu based on both the culture and the raw products of Mani. During your accommodation at Akrolithi you are given a chance to the genuine flavors and to the regional scents which make the Mani cuisine distinctive and make your mouth water with sensuous savors.
Akrolithi Boutique Hotel Mani | Akrolithi Boutique Hotel

Our dream is

To offer a unique experience to all our guests so that Akrolithi would become their tower for an unforgettable staying!
Akrolithi Boutique Hotel Mani | Akrolithi Boutique Hotel

Our mission is

To attract visitors from all over the world. To make them experience the traditional Greek hospitability. To get to know the local history and the beautiful, natural tastes of the area. To see the reflection of the light on the rock and the sea. To feel the endless blue around them.
Akrolithi Boutique Hotel Mani | Akrolithi Boutique Hotel

Our aim is

Our visitors to become our best representatives not only for our services but also for the top quality, friendly and high standards accommodation.