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Having a meal at Akrolithi

Gazing the unique colors of Limeni

The lushness tradition of Mani inspires our chef Kimona Fouridis who creates a unique menu based on both the culture and the raw products of Mani. During your accommodation at Akrolithi you are given a chance to the genuine flavors and to the regional scents which make the Mani cuisine distinctive and make your mouth water with sensuous savors. Tasty alimentation made of pure and biological products, which come from our vegetable garden. We are based on the old-traditional recipes same as we use for our family. Try the pretty fresh fillet of local musk with orzo, sourdough ‘dakos’ with tomato , caper and indigenous feta , pork with celery , the Mani’s specialty ; ‘tsoukti’ pasta and many more delicious foods. Lastly, choose from our huge variety of not only native but also Hellenic wines which you would like to accompany your meal.

Traditional Breakfast

Breakfast at Akrolithi meets quality requirements…

At Akrolithi we start from very early in the morning to prepare your breakfast. So the smells belch from the kitchen’s windows and they tickle your noses while the fresh-baked bread, the cheese pie, the traditional pies ‘traviktes’ -which you can find only in Mani- the milk pie ,the cookies and our homemade marmalades are telling you that it’s time to leave your soft bed and taste them .

greek breakfast


While you are gazing the sea you can ask us to make you your favorite cocktail or you can choose a drink from our bar. During your staying at our hotel absolutely you have to try our homemade lemonade which is made from our lemon trees. If you try our flavorful variety of homemade sweets ,you will allow your uraniscus to discover the maximum of the forgotten and authentic taste of real sweets . Of course, besides the food, Anartygo is open from early in the morning, as a cafe, offering breakfast and snacks, while during the night, many choose to have a drink or a cocktail from our list, inspired from the herbs and the colors of Mani.

"Greek Breakfast"

In our hotel you will have the opportunity to be looked after by special people and to start your day under the best circumstances. We invite you to taste one of the healthiest breakfast meals made by us and most of the products being organic. Aiming to reinforce "Greek Breakfast", an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, that connects and utilizes the cultural - gastronomic treasure that Greek tradition is, we have integrated in our buffet, the authentic local recipes and flavors from all over Greece , in addition to the local traditional products of Mani. Also possibility for individualized menu is provided when there are nutritional needs (lactose and gluten intolerance, food allergies, menu for children) upon request.


When your journey comes to an end do not forget to take with you the unique memories from Mani .At the local markets you can find olives ,olive oil, honey, greek cheese ‘feta’, marmalades, scented plants as oregano ,tea and sagebrush , handmade soap from olive oil and local wines.


Authentic Traditional Kitchen

During their stay, guests can taste in our restaurant authentic traditional recipes, inspired by the Manian cuisine and made with local ingredients.