Between the sky and the sea… your tower for an unforgettable experience.


Luxury & Comfort

Means cruse. The word Vikacomes from the ancient Greek Vikos. In areas, like Mani, the every day life was really hard to carry, store and preserve them foods so they only had earthen cookwares – known as urns or Vikas.


Luxury & Comfort

Embroidered decoration, traditional handcraft! The art of embroidery in Mani was deeply embedded especially in women every day life. They had not got many materials to use but they made trully unique pieces of art, unable to be compared with anything else and to get old.


Luxury & Comfort

Kazikas are tall plants with breakable and woody log. When Mani kids went to work with their parents in them field areas they used to take Kazikas with them to play


Luxury & Comfort

Kamari used to be called a specific room of the house or an extrenal building which was being built by the main substance of Mani – rocks and was being decorated by masterfuly layout and arched.


Luxury & Comfort

In past years citizens of Mani had not the opportunity to buy hats but they to wore them for sun protection. So they made their own big hats from fat potherbs they could find in the area.


Luxury & Comfort

In past years citizens of Mani used to work as farmers so they had to take their meal with them. Their meal composed of bread olives and olive oil so they had to find something to put them in. So they had a square piece of cloth which called Pelena.


Luxury & Comfort

An earthly paradise, capable of empessing every single visitor and make him to discover the uncompearable experience of discovering Mani the whole year. A graphic village which achieved not only not to change the old character of the old too Limeni, but also to preserve its history!


Luxury & Comfort

The woman of Mani called to be the same time a mother, a wife, a sister, a grand-mother, is a woman who stands up- in the first line of war with her only weapons the hictoriscal sickle and of course the rocks and the bats – for her country, her ancestry, her family, her rights, her high-mindedness, for Mani!

Elia (olive)

Luxury & Comfort

Olive trees can be found in the whole area of Mani and if you are lucky enough to travel in the south part of Mani you can meet prickly pears too. The olive is the sight of piece, fertility, sapience, euphoria and welfare.


Luxury & Comfort

Petrompeis Mavromichalis was chieftain and one of the leaders of Greek Revolution in 1821! Today the palace of Petrompeis Mavromichalis is still in Limeni and it has four floors, small windows only for bows sight that the glory of his family was too high for the old standards.

The Theme of the Hotel

The theme of the hotel is Mani and this is the reason why each room has been set up according to words and expressions which are still used or tend to die out from the vocabulary of the place and the uncompromising people of Mani making up an invitation and at the same time a challenge for the traveller to get to know our land. Thus, depending on the room our guests are staying at we will try to transfer items of the history, the specialty, the natural beauty and the sights of Mani to them.