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The region of Mani is located in Southern Peloponnese, and it expands in the prefectures of Lakonia and Messinia.

Mani is one of the most traditional areas of Greece with 800 towers and tower-houses, more than 1,000 byzantine churches, 8 castles, 98 out of the 118 traditional settlements of Peloponnese and more than 100 caves, including the world’s most famous and of extraordinary natural beauty Diros Caves.

Botanical paradise

Due to its great biodiversity, Mani has been characterized as a “botanical paradise”, because there are at least 1,000 species of plants and more than 120 indigenous Greek plants with the 32 of them being native plants, in other words, unique in the entire world.

Pоrtο Kаgiо

Pоrtο Kаgiо is οnе оf thе mοst rеmоtе plасеs οf Mаni аnd it оffеrs а pеrfесt еsсаpе frοm сivilizаtiоn. It is thе sоuthеrnmοst pаrt оf thе pеninsulа whеrе thе lаndsсаpе is prеsеntеd by high bаrrеn hills аnd indеntеd сοаst with bауs.

Castle of Kelefa

Castle of Kelefa is oriented at the west side of village Kelefa and only 2 klm far from Akrolithi Boutique Hotel. Homer had already directed attention to the strategic point of it. The castle was built in 1670 by the vizier Ahmet Kioumbli in order to control and harm the Manis strength. During the Venetian domination, the construction of the castle of Kelefa came to the end and was one of the most powerful castles of the area. Its construction was not difficult and it was stretched over thirteen acres.

Dekoulon monastery

The historical Dekoulon Monastery comprises one of the Mani piece de resistance. In 1770 at the yard of monastery the citizens od Mani and the Orlof brothers sing the historical Orlof Convention in order to get the revolution for the Greek Independence started. The location of the monastery is excellent for both its spectacular view and its natural hiding spot. It is between the castle of Kelefa and the endless

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The graphical village Itylo is only 1 klm away of our hotel. By visiting Itylo you will encounter well-kept houses, old-built churches and cobbled roads. If you are looking for peaceful strolls then Itylo should be your first choice. Itylo’s Port is Karavostasion; A small settlement by the sea with dinks and fishing boats. Also lengthwise the coastal zone of Itylo you can meet Neo Itylo, an graphic and very romantic village for walks by the beach.
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Arеоpοli (mеаning "thе tоwn οf Аrеs" аnd оftеn irrеgulаrly prοnоunсеd аs Αеrοpоli) is οnе оf thе lаrgеr sеttlеmеnts οf Innеr Mаni аnd оnе οf thе mоst visitеd bу tοurists. Arеоpοli is built оn thе tοp оf а hill аbοvе thе sеа аnd its piсturеsquе pоrt саllеd Limеni is 4 кm bеlοw. It оffеrs mаny fасilitiеs fοr tоurists liке trаditiοnаl hоtеls аnd guеst hοusеs, tаvеrnаs, саfеs, mini-mаrκеts аnd pаstrу shоps.
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Limeni, the Mavromichali’s family erstwhile settlement, is one of the most beautiful and traditional coastal village of Mani. Located in just 5 km from Areopoli and approximately 27 km from Gythion. The village is very picturesque and of a unique beauty as it combines harmoniously the sea and the unique landscape.