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The Towers of Mani

The towers, like tall and slim giants, stand still and gaze imposingly the magnificence of Mani through time.

These buildings compose the timeless and absolute expression of Mani tradition and the defensive architecture of the area. With their plain and unaffected beauty the imposing towers of Mani resist to time and offer a magical trip to the past, that era when they were used to control and repel the presumptive conquerors.

A land of tower houses, castles, ancient sites, Byzantine chapels, beautiful beaches and spectacular caves in the Peloponnese.

Perfectly situated in an idyllic location, it is an ideal place to watch the magical sunset over the sea or witness the serene beauty of a new day dawning. This traditional tower is a perfect example of the defensive architecture of the area. With their simple and austere beauty, the imposing towers of Mani resist the passage of time and offer a fascinating journey into the past. In times of conflict, they served to control and repel hostile attacks, while in times of peace and prosperity they were used as residential places and courtyards.

Porto Kayio

Although this was a notorious pirates’ lair, the cape takes its name from the flocks of quail (quaglio in Italian) that pass through on their way south. In its heyday the area was a major supplier of the tasty birds to France. Don’t forget to visit the stunning circular bay and the famous castle here.

Cape Tainaron

The road ends at Cape Tainaron. The sharp end of the Laconian land, marks the Mediterranean Ocean and it is getting "lost" in its depths. At the southernmost tip of Mani, the famous Tainaron lighthouse, one of the most distinct sights of the entire Peloponnese, overlooks the passing ships. Shortly before, in Porto Sternes, the ruins of a temple of Poseidon form the foundations for the Asomatos.

Mani tower

The famous characteristic of Mani. Supervising the site. Across Greece, only here you will have the opportunity to see a sight so imposing. A sturdy stone, rising violently on the vertical earth and sky. Its height is in direct proportion with its defensive power, but also with the supremacy and social status of the generation to which it belongs. Its construction is based to the philosophy of winning any battle. No windows, only a few openings and many floors to fight the enemies from above.

What to do in Mani

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Diros Caves

It is considered to be the most beautiful lake cave in the world. It was explored by the couple of speleologists Petrohilos in 1950 for the first time. The temperature in the interior of the cave ranges from 16ºC to 20ºC while in the water it is 12ºC. The length of the touristic route is 1,200m in the lake and 300m on land while the visit duration is 20’-25’ by boat and another 5’-10’ on foot.
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Neolithic Museum

In the Neolithic Museum, which is located near the Caves, valuable historic findings of the Neolithic era are exhibited.
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The visitor of Mani is impressed by the plenty byzantine churches which were constructed between the 5th and the 14th century A.D. Most of them have got hagiography and on their walls we notice built-in marbles or marble columns taken from ancient temples. The existence of these peace-keeping works of art comes in contrast with the war towers. It is remarkable that many of the churches which are scattered in the Mani landscape or in settlements were private and part of a tower.